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Just got back from a two-day walk from Whitby, northwards up the coast. Whitby was crowded. but you turned left out of the town and there were just miles of sandy beaches, with steep sided paths in between. Some lovely little seaside villages on the way too, and lots of cliffs.

Stopped over in Loftus – £20 for a room above a pub, complete with band playing ’80s rock covers downstairs, police cars whizzing by on the road outside and a general ambience of mild threat coming from the customers. The room came with no lightbulb, no remote for the TV, no towels and no breakfast, but the bed was comfortable. I was very tired though, so maybe I’m over-praising it.

I once wrote a story called Whitby, which you can read here:

post script: 24 hours later and the aches are starting to kick in. My writing is about to kick in too. Need a couple of weeks to prep it, then it starts.

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