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walk until it’s light outside

I should explain about why I hate the medication I take for the otherwise-daily migraines. From age sixteen to twenty I was addicted to barbiturates. Horrible, creepy, soft-centred, smiling and welcoming drugs, barbiturates. Nasty. They suck away the top layer of your soul, they dull the sharp edge of perception. A treacherous and abusive friend that I hung out with for four years or more.

But then I stopped. Which was interesting.

The medication I take now has a very similar effect on me to what the barbs did, and I hate it. Really hate it. Oh yes, it feels lovely, it does, and it stops the migraines pretty much, but its like my brain suddenly got short-sighted.

Good news is though, the very fact I’m saying this means I’m aware of it, so…


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