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Never could quite decide if I preferred Judge Hershey or Judge Anderson.

Obviously on a merely ‘human’ level, Anderson, with her empath-skills, is wonderfully sensitive and perceptive, and she’s played by Olivia Thirlby in the latest Dredd movie, who is lovely (the movie itself is like The Raid, but in Mega City 1). But I live with an empath, and my girl can be hard to deal with, always reacting to things I’m about to do, and replying to questions I’ve yet to ask, responding to moods I’ve yet to feel. Life can become a series of second-guesses, and it’s a burden for her too, not exactly a joy, monitoring her radar antennae 24/7.

Hershey on the other hand has that whole wild black-haired/celtic/witch thing going on, kind of like those striking-looking girls I see when I go walking around the Scottish borders, who look part-elf and part secret. The artists have babed-up Hershey of late, and she was played by Diane Lane in one of the movies, who I’ve loved since I saw Rumblefish when I was a kid, but I always think of Hershey being more visceral, more damaged, more primal.


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