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Monthly Archives: December 2015

learning to swim

I’ve always found uncertainty and powerful emotions difficult to deal with; there’s no bridge so well made that I won’t burn it down, for fear of slipping and falling into a torrent as I cross to the other side.

Which is why I write. To make the world safe for me. To take away uncertainty.

But I’m beginning to learn to embrace uncertainty, allow those emotions to wash around me.

I won’t drown.





The companion piece to Grendel, I completed Stateless a couple of months ago. The blurb says it’s a “meditation on violence, loss and redemption.” Whatever it is*, it’s on Kindle for the price of a cup of tea at M&S, and you can find it here.

Feel free to review it too. There’s only one review for it on Amazon right now and that just looks odd.



*I intend to redo the cover at some point but for now, this is what it looks like:


winter blue skies

I love the winter sun when it’s bright and cold and hard and it lights up the room all gold.


The Baptist

Completed the first draft of a short story called The Baptist. It’s about thirty pages long and it’s a little project I’ve been visiting on and off for a while.

It needs to sleep now, so I’ll maybe revisit it in March or April.

sugar free

Had my annual two-week throat virus, and in the midst of that painful episode I thought, I need to change some stuff. My diet is crap, I’m unfocused and I’m drifting.  I live on coffee and cakes and chocolate.

So I gave up all sweet stuff. Everything. Thing is, sugary food makes up about 2/3 of my diet so it was potentially a daunting challenge, but I was feeling so lousy that in the end it was really quite easy to do. And it’s working, two weeks of no sweet stuff – no sugar, biscuits, cakes, chocolate or anything else – and my migraines have virtually disappeared, sweetmy head is clear and I’m feeling better all round.

I’m not even hungry or anything.

But I’m bored.


Feeling festive, so there’s an extra story for December: Inn

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Sometimes I destroy the things I love.


Best time to plant tree, twenty years ago.  Ash tree

Second best time to plant tree, today.


Christmas stories

Comfort & Joy – a collection of Christmas-themed stories.

Click image for the link to Amazon:

Comfort & Joy