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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Got to be up early to drive Jackson to the airport. He’s flying to China to meet up with Jin, the newest member of our family.

So that’ll be me sitting writing in Macdonalds at about 8am Sunday morning, when I’d normally be asleep.

Which is all good.

more QE

I started on this story and it’s heading in at least three different directions, and timezones too. At its core it’s about Dakota and Jester, but other people are sliding into the frame.

Interesting. Let’s see if it heads anywhere.

My early mornings at Costa are proving fruitful. I’m getting a day’s work in before I start the day job.


The new day job requires a bit of a commute so to shorten that I’ve been leaving the house at half six, arriving for seven. Then going into Costa for an hour or more, drinking coffee, and writing.

Free wifi too.


The Baptist

The Baptist is a novella about good and evil, and ordinary things. It’s on Kindle for half the price of a latte. Find it here or click on the image:

Baptist kindle



Beginner’s Luck

Free kindle download 24-28 January.

Click here or click the image for link:

beginner's luck

the day job #4

I managed to escape the permanent day-job about eighteen months ago. Since then I’ve worked at four different places, and I’m enjoying the changes.

This month I started work at a new place, a school for extremely naughty kids, and though the students can be extremely challenging (to use a popular euphemism) the staff pull together: like me a lot are temporary, but they’re cool.

Anyhow, I’ll be gone from there by the summer, and I should have enough money together by next winter to actually stop working full-time and devote more time to living. And writing of course.

And I haven’t got round to publishing The Baptist yet. But I will, soon. Working on a new series of covers – very plain, simple and identifiable – and when I sort one out I’ll publish it.

The Baptist

Hoping to publish The Baptist in the next few days. It’s a well-sized short story, about 10,000 words.

Just needs a final read through.

One down, seven to go…



A blood-spattered love story.

Free download Friday 15-Tuesday 19 January. Click image for link.



Where I’m at, writing, this morning:



even more QE

Beginning work on QE tomorrow. Usual Sunday morning slot at the usual Sunday morning cafe/wifi/(sometimes) cool music venue.

Made some minor changes to the premise, but essentially I know how it starts, some of what happens in the middle, and I know exactly how it ends.

Looking forward to it.