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Monthly Archives: February 2016

influences # 39

Astrid Kirchherr:

Elegance. Dignity. Choice.



Beginner’s Luck – free download

Beginner’s Luck – a handful of short stories that also serve as openings to novels.

Free kindle download 18-22 February. Click image for link to Amazon:


Beginner's Luck


The thing I’m working on is flowing.

I honestly think it’s the routine, not any sort of skill or inspiration on my part, just the simple fact every weekday at seven am I sit down in a cafe with ninety minutes before I start work, and I’m able to write. I push out maybe 7-1200 words. And when I finish I have an idea of what will come the next day too, but not too clear an idea, just a direction, so I can sit down the next day and pick up the flow again.


Stateless – free download

Ten years after the killings ended, Babe Walker returns to settle some debts. The companion piece to Grendel. A meditation on violence, loss and redemption.

Free kindle download 12-16 February.

Click image for link:



Someone has had the bright idea to send me three or four dozen spam messages every day, so apologies if I accidentally delete yours when I’m getting rid of the junk.

If I don’t reply in two or three days, message me again.


Came across a radio adaptation of Orlando while checking the BBC website.

Listen to it here:  O

For those who don’t know the story, essentially an extended love letter from Virginia Woolf to Vita Sackville West, more prosaically it’s about a boy, Orlando, who doesn’t die, and who eventually turns into a girl.

It works both ways.