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Monthly Archives: April 2016


My stories aren’t signposts. They’re postcards.



Discovered this very brief storyboard of The Card – the story reduced to six frames.

It’s from this website and it’s by jennaandauston.




story of the month

This month’s story of the month is Plot. You can find it here, or look it up on the menu:


I was chatting to a friend about the significance of tattoos. I think, at they’re best, they’re not just ID, not just nice to look at, they’re a pact with yourself; a deal.



I re-read Stateless last night.

I don’t know if anyone else will get it, but I’m pleased with the end result. It’s the perfect length, 105 pages, and it does what I ask of it.

Click the image for the link to download it:



said it before but…

…it bears repeating.

If you want to adapt one of my stories, feel free, I don’t ask for any editorial input, though it’s always nice to be told about it.

My fee is one blueberry muffin or 1% of gross, whichever is the higher amount. And a copy of whatever it is you’ve produced.



all that jazz

Went to the international jazz festival today and saw four bands. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the venue but I discovered the music has developed into a form of chamber music. Polite, very highly structured – even when it was improvised – and with the roles clearly delineated. Stylised. Formal.

Bored, I came home.



Listening to music that reminds me of good friends I’ve mislaid or lost. It’s not good, this lament for memories that never fade.

It lacerates me.


Found a prezi about one of my stories. It’s here:




The Heaven Field

The Heaven Field is having a sales resurgence.

I lost the original manuscript years ago – fortunately it was already on kindle –  but Lucas downloaded the kindle text and somehow managed to lift the manuscript from that. Bit technical for me, I just like writing stories, but I’m glad she did it.The Heaven Field

I can go back and edit it.



Click the image for link to Amazon page: