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Monthly Archives: July 2016

story of the month

August’s story of the month is called Ghosts. It’s a couple of days early but I’m away over the weekend and I might forget when I return.

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I’m going up the coast tomorrow, first time in a good while. I had to wait until the old footsteps faded completely.

But they never do, do they?


I’m now time-wealthy and cash-poor, but I love it. Beyond a roof and food, how much do you need to be happy, secure, content?

It’s not all about writing. But writing’s a big chunk of it.


The Baptist

A small town hotel manager meets an Archangel or two, in this novella in which nothing much is what it appears to be.

Free Kindle Download from 1-5 August.

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the baptist word



Some of my stories, like Plot or Magic Smile, make complete linear sense, but on the other hand a lot of what I write is cryptic, even when it makes complete sense to me: I’m not in the business of making everything plain, all the time. Sometimes it’s about the moment, the words, the feeling of what is happening, rather than the logic of what has happened.

Fenrir and Deor and two stories that don’t make a huge amount of sense in terms of plot but are absolutely linked in terms of their mood and the characters they share. I was going to explain the specifics of how they match, how they arrange like two pieces in a much larger jigsaw, then I thought, naah, explanations remove emotion.


Life – 1 Day Job – 0

I finally quit my day job. I worked out the finances, and I’m able to get by doing some English tuition and playing music, so I’ll finally be able to write every day.

Which is a concept so disorientating that I’m struggling to grasp it.

But it’s wonderful.

short stories

Lucas, my tech genius has sorted out the short stories so they’re visible on the short story page. They’re available here – in alphabetical order.


Quinn Morgandorffer – not Lucas.


Completed a draft of QE. It’s rough, but then that’s the definition of ‘draft’ I guess. Now the fun begins – turning ploughed earth into vines and vines into wine.

Maybe 6 weeks to complete draft 2.

Then repeat…


The story of the month The Flower Seller is about a woman called Helen, who is happily married but is about to embark on an affair.

I re-read it tonight, it must be five years since I wrote it, and I’ve never read it since. Some typos, some grammar I could improve, but I like it.

Story of the month

A week late, but this month’s featured story is The Flower Seller.

You can find it here: