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here, there and everywhere

Listening to Kevin Kelly on the Tim Ferriss podcast and he said he had a clock that detailed, within sensible estimates, roughly how many days he had left on the planet. He said this gave him a real feeling of life being finite and implied, I guess, that he should use his time wisely.

So I tried it, I estimated my life span via an average of the lifespan of my grandparents and then multiplying by 365 to get an idea of how many days I have left.  Then I looked at the number and felt nothing, just nothing. It was just a number.  There was no resonance, temporal, spiritual or otherwise.

a Wine

My feeling is this: I have plans, and I have now. There are people I care for, there are qualities I aspire to and there are goals I’d like to see achieved. But every new day takes me back to here and now, and I’ll do what I can, within my abilities, here and now.

But mostly I won’t think about it at all. When you drink wine you don’t waste time thinking of the empty bottle.

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