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Need to print it out the draft of Dealer No. 1 again and do another edit. It’s almost 300 pages and I want to reduce it to closer to 200. That’s probably the wrong idea for a YA novel, industry standard is closer to 400 pages, but hey, it’s my book. I know how I want it.

Writing is a laborious process with no guarantee of success, I’ve written some lovely stuff and I’ve written some clunkers and I can never tell in advance which it’s going to be – they say it’s lonely business too, writing, but I enjoy the solitude, working in my head, spooning this stuff onto the page.

Editing is nearer to doing yoga, painful and slow, but with a great feeling at the end. Or maybe it’s like being lost, just traveling, trying to find the route home.

Anyhow, I’m sitting editing in MaccyDs, prevaricating, putting off going home to print it out and start again.

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