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Monthly Archives: September 2016

extra Zippo

Here’s a short film of Zippo, by Alexander Kavon, that I haven’t seen before:




It’s strange, I think I’m enjoying my dreams more than real life at the moment. Not that real life is bad or anything, I’m mainly walking my dog or editing, but my dream-quality has surged.

I can’t actually remember my dreams. I just know.



Redrafting Dealer No 1. – the novel based on the short story The Card – I veer between feeling deliriously happy and flat glum, depending on how that day’s work has gone.

It’ll all be over by Christmas.



Strange place I find myself in: unused to being calm, unused to having time on my hands, I miss the pressure of repeatedly cramming all my energies into a minuscule point of time and space.

Now I’ve stepped into a wide open plain of empty, available time and space, and it’s disconcerting. I’m used to not having enough time to finish things.

And now I have no excuse


NQA: free Kindle download

‘Three packages. Three countries. Five days.”

Free Kindle download from 15-19 September. Click the image for link:



Every now and again I’m struck by the desire to print out a collection of stories on quality paper with quality artwork and actually sell them in bookstores.

Sometimes I’m tempted to only do printed work – close down my entire online presence and go back to paper.

It’s very tempting.


Jamie asked for advice re writing short stories. In ten words or less.

I wrote back:

Start in the middle
Work toward the beginning
In both directions

Which is eleven words, not ten. But it’s also a haiku, even though I didn’t plan it to be.


Re the short film mentioned a couple of posts ago. On the IMDB page they had this poster:


and pause…

I’ve made some radical changes to the structure of my life in the last couple of months, and I am now the owner of lots of freed-up headspace.

But decluttering is just a means to an end, the bigger question is what to do with the space, now that I’ve got it?


more Zippo

I just discovered this film version of the story Zippo from director Ismail Jamaludin: I don’t know much about the film, or the director, but it’s worth a watch.