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Monthly Archives: November 2016

River Man

The banks of the Tyne as seen from the Sage. Something medieval about the way the buildings stack up, almost leaning against each other.


Comfort & Joy: free download

A collection of Christmas-themed stories.

Free Kindle download: 30th November – 4th December.

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My girl Ruthie said, ‘Thing is, you’re niche and, really, you like it that way. You don’t want to write anything that’s commercial, well not commercial commercial, because you just like to do your guitarthing.

‘Like a jazz guitarist in some tiny club,’ she added. ‘You just like it there. Where you are.’

‘Is that a good thing?’ I said.

‘It’s your thing,’ she said.

Comfort & Joy

Free download of this Christmas-themed short story collection from 30th November to 4th December.

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More Tokyo

This looks like a fridge with stacked bottles of coloured milk. It’s an apartment block and the ‘milk bottles’ are doors.




Jackson took a series of photographs in Tokyo, and this one, I thought, was very Blade Runner. All you need is a few towers with flames spouting from the top.



free downloads

Toward Christmas I’m going to arrange free downloads for four of my books. Details to follow:


Dealer No. 1

The follow-up to The Card.

Mickey Hall is a bright, friendly fifteen year-old from a chaotic family background – a feckless single-parent mother, a drug-addicted sister and a series of waster ‘dads’ – who realises that his life would become so much easier if he simply embraced a life of crime himself.

A7_LANDSCAPEHaving decided on this course of action he assembles a group of like-minded schoolfriends, and adopts a huge fighting dog called Maximus and, being both charming and very ruthless, he sets out to become the number one drug dealer in town.

He also begins a relationship with the prettiest, coolest girl in school.

Things are going well until one afternoon he is abducted by a car full of adult gangsters who take him to a disused warehouse where he thinks they are going to murder him but instead he is introduced to the leader of the gang – his own father, a powerful, influential and affluent figure in the criminal underworld. He is quickly seduced deep into a life of crime by his new-found father’s wealth and power.

Eventually though, Mickey finds himself in a situation where he must choose between saving his family and betraying his father, forced to choose between old loyalties and his new found wealth and security.

Dealer No. 1 – on sale now

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Being both left-handed and right-eye dominant,  as well as naturally untidy in my thinking, my handwriting is a complete mess.

I bought a book on handwriting last year, I even bought a left-handed fountain pen, and I think, finally, I need to start practicing my writing.