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free beer

Enough of my headaches!

Played another gig with Thelonious Punk the other day, this time on tenor sax; my third instrument in as many gigs, and all of them equally mediocre. Has to stop, so I told Ralphy that I was going to stick with tenor from now on.

I’ve had to learn the set three times, and he’s such a brilliant, mercurial soloist that I need to be on top of my game just to be keep him in sight. I’ve got ten days to polish up my act a bit, in Bb*. The fortnightly residency we’ve got only offers free beer, so the sets get freer as the night progresses, and we really don’t care what the audience or management think, as we’re only doing it for fun.

We’ve been offered some paying work off the back of it, which is nice. And they’re talking about us playing an all-nighter on the bank holiday.

An all-nighter for free-beer?

Haha, are they mad!

* talking of Bb instruments, this website is great: In Bb

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