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when we should be diving for pearls

Life gets in the way.

It should be written on my gravestone. At the moment, the only spare time I have to write is a Saturday night.

Now, in fact.

Virginia said that all you need to be a writer is a private income and a room of your own. Well, I’ve got a room, but I have to work for a living, which cuts into the writing time somewhat. And I have a life, which soaks up most of the rest of my time. But Virginia owned a publishing company too, while I merely aspire to a new Macbook.

So I’m going to go and work on Grendel, which is bubbling away at the back of my mind; so many questions I need to answer before I can continue, but I have to write in order to discover the answers.

It’s an addiction, writing.
Which is why I do it.


update: Grendel is available now – click the title for link.


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