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Monthly Archives: January 2018

just write

Back in October one of Jackson’s friends emailed me asking for advice on writing. I sent her back the usual screed about the technical stuff, my recommended books on how to write (Hemingway’s rules and King’s On Writing), plus the more general advice to just write.

Really, I should have ignored the technical side and said just write – and left it at that. Because that’s it. That’s all the advice you need to be a writer. The only advice you will ever need.


diver down

We’re closer to March than December. 

I’m beginning to feel like a deep-sea diver who looks up from the ocean floor and can see the palest of blue above me.


weapon of choice #118

Write drunk.

Edit sober.

(So that’s tomorrow’s plan sorted).


In the middle of all this writing/not writing chaos I haven’t forgotten that Dakota is still out there, lost in the badlands, trying to make sense of things.

And Jester is still searching.

He’ll kill the world if he has to, to find her.


Jamie’s on the ball with the final edit of Dealer No. 1 and we’re hoping to sell it in the spring, which would be good. But waiting for the final edit to get done, waiting for the whole process of edits and re-edits, in fact, has sort of pulled the rug from my day-to-day writing. As always, I’m throwing ideas around in my head, jumping from one story to another, inching them along in turn, and I’m still arriving in MaccyDs early on a morning with my mac and a work ethic, but at the moment I’m writing absolutely nothing, and I think I should be. I usually am.

Still, apart from all my other story ideas, I have another story bubbling. It’s called Charlotteville and it’s about a girl who lives with her gran in a big old house. Except her gran is not a little old lady with a shawl and a pomeranian – her gran listens to Lana Del Ray and drives a pickup truck, owns a pitbull called Lister and runs a halfway house for Romanian illegals. And then one day she goes missing. And then it turns out she’s not even Charlotte’s gran. Which begs a lot of questions as Charlotte thought she was an orphan, but now she’s not so sure. And now there are some seriously unpleasant looking men looking for something that’s something to do with her not-gran – and they think Charlotte might know the whereabouts of this something. And the school keep ringing to find out why she’s not attending. And Abel, the current Romanian illegal, is selling drugs from the boot of his stolen Impreza. Abel says he’s only fourteen, though she thinks he’s a little older.

It’s time for Charlotte to take back control of her life, and her home.

weapon of choice #117

Got this as part of a gift-box of drinks for playing a benefit gig. Tried it last night.

It works.


This house by the lakeside.

We have so much time, the air is so fresh, so invigorating, the lake so blissfully clear and cold, I’m half surprised you didn’t write a novel, Mary.

While Johnny and I were tramping the hills, setting the world to rights, swirling our words like sabres, daring to dream of a world undiscovered, shaking off the trappings of luxury and content, fixing our weary, basic, forms against glorious, unmoved nature, you were hemmed in by convention – in fact, your hems made for you a convent (hah!) – and you cooked and tidied and shifted clutter from room to room, while my legs hammered through gorse and across thawed streams.

What, you have been writing? 

Gracious me, well done! – I knew you could; I didn’t just fall for your beauty and your charms, as fulsome as both are, but equally for your mind, and your spirit. And you want to come walking? How? You’ll wear long trousers like a man? By god, yes! You are fearless, M, truly, you are midnight’s daughter. So, tomorrow we’ll walk together across hillside and burn. We will!

But tonight – tonight there’s a storm coming.

So let us all stay indoors, safe from harm. Tonight let us entertain each other with stories of life and passion and madness.

The Baptist

A slight novel about archangels, lesser demons and other ordinary things.

Click the image for free download 24-28 January


On the topic of updates, I haven’t done a search for short movies that are based on my stories for some time, maybe two or three years.

There was a spate of short films based on the story Zippo (see one below) and two or three films based on The Card and I linked these on the site. Maybe I should see if there are more out there.