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wax on!

In terms of lifestyle, my role model is Mr. Miyagi from the movie the Karate Kid. It’s not necessarily that I want to be a janitor or a karate expert or have a really cool Japanese-style home with a collection of classic 1950s cars in the drive (see image).

Mr. Miyagi’s house in the San Fernando Valley.

But I do like the idea that my private life is my own, that it is a haven, that it is just as valuable as the stuff I do publicly, more so in fact, and that my interior life is more precious to me than the stuff I do for a living.

So Mr. Miyagi, or alternatively, the character Wemmick from the novel Great Expectations, are perfect role models for that.

The two worlds Рprivate and public Р are kept separate.

And to be honest, the idea of being a janitor is not unattractive, so long as my home and my private life is honest and beautiful and true.

Wemmick’s ‘castle’ in the middle of Victorian London




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