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everyone’s a critic


Below are some of my less-favourable online reviews. I like ’em more than the good ones.


i read it few times couldn’t like it i
just need it for my Gcse
it is tough


I’m glad it was only four pages long It was a waste of my time.


It seemed like the ending failed to ignite.


I hate to give bad reviews, but this is about the dumbest story I have ever read.


I don´t like the story ,,Zippo” by james ross, because it´s very boring.
It´s an open-end story, and i don´t like such stories.
I think that John is a silly guy. So the whole story is senseless.


I don´t like the story, because it is senseless


It was ok


Yeah, I didn’t understand it very much too, can
someone like give me the idea what is it talking
about? :D


what a rubbush story didnt even have a perticular subject
sad face for the person who wrote this piece of rubbish


very bad
make a baby cry

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