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¬†Popped along to MaccyDs tonight to do a little bit more editing.¬†It’s quiet at night – they play classical music to keep away the feral teen, and that leaves it mostly empty, which is great.

All I need is a pen, a coffee and a print copy of whatever I’m working on, which I then deface with hundreds of little scribbles, and each line that has a scribble I’ll put an x at the beginning of the line to remind me there’s an edit. Just in case I miss it. You get scribble-blind so the Xs are useful.

Each page ends up like this. After I’ve edited each of the three hundred or so pages I then have to go back onto the computer and edit the actual text.

Then repeat the process.

And every now and again look at the structure and hack away big chunks, swap other chunks around, kill my darlings and so on.

It’s my favourite thing, editing.

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