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Monthly Archives: June 2018

sleeping dogs

Got to page 103 with the editing. 209 pages to go.

Thats a third of the way through, give or take: enough for this week. Now I can enjoy the weekend. Might join this fella in chilling out for the next 48 hours:

it just does

When I was a kid, my French teacher Mich Archer left teaching. He was a really good guy, better than we deserved in that zoo we called a school, and he changed career to become a carpenter.

Him doing that, leaving an established career to begin a new one, it was one of the few lessons that stayed with me.

It’s four years since I left the day job: I resigned without having another job to go to. But I had a plan. As Philip Henslow says in the movie Shakespeare in Love, ‘It all turns out well,’ and when asked how?, he says, ‘I don’t know. It’s a mystery.’



Took a few days off the editing while I earned some money for the summer – supply teaching don’t pay me for the holidays and I was a bit short – but I’m back on it today and I’m up to page 88.

Almost a third of the way through: the trick is to take my time and do it right, think to myself that this is pretty much what the reader will see when they open the book.


One thing that all my friends have in common is that none of us are football fans. We were all academic failures at school too, but that’s a different story.

all in, forever

One of the most important elements of success in any endeavour is flight time. Wherever you begin on the spectrum of competence, you only improve with practice: the hours you put in are rewarded with improvement.

Another hugely important key to success is commitment. If you commit, doors open.


So, be all in.

Keep on being all in.


Durham sky.

rebel alliance

In their never-ending war on satire, our masters in the Death Star EU have declared war on unsanctioned online use of artwork or images so I’ve had to pull all my blog entries to ensure that I’m not inadvertently breaking the law and in doing so making myself subject to a European Arrest Warrant.

It’s not that Mutti and the Stasi are out to get me in particular, hardly, they’re after bigger fish – democracy, freedom of speech, and the nation state for starters – but if they did decide to focus on me I couldn’t afford a fine and don’t fancy three years on remand in an east European jail while the village magistrate/hotelier/electrician holds out for a larger bribe, or whatever the fourth reich punish people with when they do things they’re not supposed to do.

I need to go through all two and a half thousand blog entries to ensure that no copyrighted material is on display – in the meantime they’re all pulled. All the images you see now are either mine or were designed for me by artists.

But don’t worry, the meme will always get through.


Note: the genius website designer and IT support, Lucas, reckons she can pull all the images without taking the blog entries offline.



It’s midsummer tomorrow – the sun is at its highest point around 11am, maybe a few minutes later – and up here in the north of England the sun rises above the horizon at about 4.20am.

I really do prefer the darkest of midwinter, but when the dark only lasts five hours and the sky is beginning to get light at half past three in the morning, it’s pretty magical.

sky at night


Sometimes the sky fills me with awe.

This is the view from my back garden as I sit here and write (picture taken on my venerable 5s).