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not drowsy

I suffer from chronic migraines and I take daily medication to counter them. I dislike taking the tablets, partially because they make me feel drowsy but also because, when I was younger I spent five years addicted to barbiturates so now I dislike anything that messes with my head.

And though the tablets keep the migraines in check, and the migraines are worse than the side-effects of the medication, sometimes I only take half a tablet, maybe a little more than half, with the result that I’m wide awake and clear-headed all day. Yesterday, I only took half a tablet and I was awake and out of bed just after 4am this morning.

I was editing at MaccyDs before 5.  Got some good stuff done. But if I were to reduce my medication more than two or three times in a row I’d be laid up with a fortnight of migraines cycling repeatedly through my head.

I know, I’ve tried.


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