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old sax

I seem to have got back into playing music with other people. The Count asked me to go to a busker’s night the other week and from that we got a gig and we’re also doing a festival (so I decided to put Thelonious Punk back together for a one-off).

It all seemed to happen when I switched to alto.

I don’t even like alto – it’s just a holding pattern ’til I get the soprano situation sorted out next week. I’m in London toward the end of the week so will be popping into saxdot and I want to ask them to line up a dozen MPs and a half-decent sax, one with a detachable crook, and try them all out until I get one I like. The tone I prefer is more to the smoky, smoochy sound than the crisp, icy sound created by a lot of soprano players but I’ve lost sight of how to get that recently. My experience with Junko, my top-end Yamaha soprano, was pretty negative, and I ended up playing worse than I did five years ago to the point that eventually I could barely get a sound out of her.

If I get my sound back it’ll be soprano all the way.


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