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I first came across the concept of ‘de-structuring’ from Ernie, who wore a destructured suit for his wedding. He also chose excellent, heavy gold wedding bands for him and his wife, of a fundamental design I’d never seen before: I don’t know where he sourced them.

Ernie’s vinyl collection was impressive – oblique, thoughtful, listenable. He dressed in a way that bridged the words cultured and fastidious. He really thought about how he presented himself to the world. He was a beautiful man. But when the fragrant Angelique left him and took their children too, he lost his path, and he ended his life in the worst way.



Sometimes I try to destructure my stories, as a nod to Ernie, but it usually ends up more that I de-seam them. He wouldn’t have minded; he’d have just chuckled at my rubbish attempts to be creative.


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