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Gav sent me a link to a programme that turns pdfs into word documents – I was hoping to get hold of my old manuscripts from kindle and fix them up a bit. But it didn’t work very well.

The good news is, however, I might have located all my old manuscripts. Great. I can tidy up all the annoying typos and errors on the stuff I already have on kindle, and then I can properly forget about them knowing they’re as good as they can be.

Except they’re stored on a DVD and my new Mac doesn’t have a DVD drive.

So I’ll have to dig out the old macbook, which to be fair lasted me eight or nine years ’til it finally collapsed. Then I need to copy the documents from the DVD to the old Mac. Then email them to myself. That is, if the documents are actually on the disk.

So, all good then.



edit: found them on an ex-HD hidden amongst about 3000 other documents… zzzzzzzzz

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