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Monthly Archives: February 2019



As an old alcoholic once said, life is as good as you let it be.

I’m trying to let it be.



Things don’t have to make sense to be beautiful:



3 Coffees


I drafted a short story called 3 Coffees at the beginning of February, then forgot all about it. Only when I was flicking through a folder on my laptop and I came across it did I recall writing it, otherwise it might have disappeared forever.

I’m going to leave it to marinate for two or three months, come back to it completely fresh, maybe May/June, see if it’s any good.




With my last two posts featuring female actors from the 60s and 70s, I can’t resist adding a little about my favourite English Rose, Jenny Agutter.



The Railway Children.

American Werewolf.


I can say no more than that.


Another strange late-night rerun I watched was a TV play called Treats that featured John Hurt, Tom Conti and Kate Nelligan. It was a stark portrayal of an emotionally abusive relationship and the attempt of one partner to break free.

I can’t find it online and there’s zero information on IMDB, save the casting, but I might be able to track it down on amazon or somewhere.



Back when I was still living at home, I used to stay up late and watch movies. One of my favourites was a strange 60s concoction called Morgan: A Suitable Case for Treatment.

Apart from being whimsical, zany, very ’60s’ and featuring David Warner in his pomp, it was quite a little bit sad too. It’s also probably the only movie or book title I’ve ever thought actually deserved the colon in its title.

And of course, it had Vanessa Redgrave. For which I am eternally grateful.





Sitting in the garden this morning as the sun broke the horizon, I thought I could smell the first hint of Spring. It’s early, but there’s been hardly any snow at all this year.

People say the mild winters are due to anthropogenic climate change, but I remain sceptical: two millennia ago we had the Roman warming, a thousand years ago we had the Medieval warming (both times they were successfully growing vines in England – and in the Medieval warming it was so mild they were farming in the middle of Greenland) so we’re due another period of mild weather. We also had two mini-ice-ages in the last five hundred years, in the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries, when rivers were frozen and the snow lasted from October until May. So a spell of mild winters isn’t outside the bounds of this pattern.

Either way, I could smell Spring.

I checked my trees and saw there were tiny buds on the branches.





DN1 cover


New cover of Dealer No. 1.

Click title or image for link to Amazon:











Image created by Lucas.


leg up


After 6 months of hobbling and after seeing 6 assorted medic-types, one of them 3 times, I finally got a physio who sorted my knee, so I’m able to walk, if not perfectly, but walk. And it’s improving.


So, back to the plan. Got a book to complete, and another to edit. Lucas is designing two covers for me – she’s done a couple recently and they’re excellent – the work-in-progress I’ve seen looks great, really sums up the narrative.

And now my leg is better I’ll be busking in a week or so, which means I have a bit of extra pocket money.

All good.



Dealer No. 1 – free kindle download

A YA book about drugs, dreams and dead-end families, Dealer No. 1 is on free Kindle download 14-18 February. ┬áIt’s also available in print, but that’ll cost ya.

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