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Foolishly I tried to use the wifi in Waterstones again.

Foolishly because, first of all, I know it blocks a huge amount of websites (cos Waterstones thinks I’m not grown up enough to access Tim Pool or the live RT feed on week 18 of the Gilet Jaunes disorder). Secondly, it’s extremely slow.

So I wasn’t expecting much, and I got less. In fact, I’ve drafted this entire piece while waiting to open google.

My feeling is, this isn’t an episode of Ellen in 1994, I’m not sitting in Buy the Book alongside a cast of quirky characters sharing witty back-and-forth – this is 2019, and everyone sits alone whilst glued to the web. Or in this case, not.

Waterstone’s wifi is a disaster.

I’m off to MaccyDs.

(Google still hasn’t opened).

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