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Was at a jam session tonight with the Count, and one of the kids in the audience approached me and said he’d enjoyed my playing. He was short and stocky with a shaved head – a bodybuilder I thought, he had those really defined muscles which, I think, are called lats. Probably worked as a builder or something, I thought.

As he told me how much he’d enjoyed my playing, he said his dad, who had died some years ago, had played saxophone in a band too, and then he began to cry.  I gave him a hug. He went on to tell me he sang in a band, played maybe four or five nights a week. Shortly after that he got up and sang and he had a really good voice, throaty and raspy with an excellent tone.

He wasn’t the meathead I’d off-handedly assumed him to be, he was a musician – not that musicians are any better than meatheads, to be fair. But I was remiss; I’d pegged him for something he wasn’t, based on a superficial judgement, and I was wrong.

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