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eu what?

Apparently our unelected masters in the EU have taken a broad brush to the issue of links, memes and the like, and there’s some sort of ban on internet providers allowing them to be used.

I’m really not sure what it is they’re after, I suspect they’re doing a Canute on the topic of online regulation, but it might mean that my posts with embedded links will be blocked, or maybe not. I’m not sure, to be honest.

The EU reminds me of the late-Spanish empire, obsessed with and weighed down by the minutiae of regulation and procedure and ‘form’. Meanwhile the privateers, light on their feet, flexible in approach, unencumbered with regulations and hierarchy and free of the dead hand of bureaucracy, are fleecing them of everything they own or will ever own.


Anyhow, when I find out the new rules I will endeavour to follow them. At least until the EU implodes. Which it will.

It can’t not.

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