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Jago – detailed edit

I’m preparing to begin editing the second draft of Jago. This will be a detailed paper edit – the current draft is well over 300 pages so will take some time – and I cannot rush it so I will only do one chapter at a time and if I complete that chapter I will put it down until the following day so as to not tempt myself to motor on through.

After I’ve done this, if I do it properly, I’ll do a structural edit – this is where I have to be cruel and excise things that I might love. The ending has already changed from something quite dramatic to something more thoughtful.

I need to make Jago itself a character, not just the setting, and that includes the surrounding desert and ocean. It will mean a journey of 9000 miles and two or three weeks minimum out there studying the place. In the interim I’ll watch lots of youtube videos about the place.

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