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Abbey Road

Jas introduced me to the Beatles album Abbey Road, yesterday. It’s a curious mishmash, some great tracks, actual real songs, on side 1, with a lot of bits and pieces on side 2. Acerbic Lennon tracks plus McCartney granny-piano songs throughout. Not that I subscribe to the Lennon=rock and McCartney=schmaltz narrative. For undiluted schmaltz, listen to Lennon’s Double Fantasy. Dire.

With tracks like I want You and Sun King, I get the feeling they’d been listening to Fleetwood Mac (Peter Green era, obs). But then I think, I’m hearing it with fifty years’ hindsight, and I need to just listen to it as it is, stop looking for connections. And it struck me that Something, is one of at least three classic rock songs written about Patti Boyd, the other two being Clapton’s Layla and Wonderful Tonight. There might be more that I haven’t thought of. Not bad for a model who got started via a bit-part in A Hard Day’s Night

On the third play of the album, it’s growing on me: the vocals and harmonies are astonishing and the medley is beginning to make sense.


As a side note, I’m dubious about putting in HTML links to what is, I realise, a great album, cos of the whole EU/GDPR nonsense. I dislike the entire EU ‘censorship, control & power’ project. It’ll be nice to see 1600 years of English common-law reinstated in 2020.

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