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More Abbey

On reflection, I think post-Sgt. Peppers, all the Beatles albums were iterations of the same unfocused approach to music-making.

Maybe it was Epstein’s death, coming so soon after Pepper’s release; maybe it was the breakdown in Lennon & McCartney’s relationship that meant neither could say to the other, ‘that’s just not very good’  but for me, I don’t think McCartney wrote a better song than She’s Leaving Home in the three years and three and a bit albums after Pepper. Ditto Lennon: The Beatles could have retired after the final chord in A Day In the Life.

The White Album, Let it Be and Abbey Road are fractured, peacemeal and occasionally brilliant, but they’re post-scripts. All three albums feature brilliant musicians producing ok music, with occasional extra-ordinary moments. None of them match Help or Revolver or Rubber Soul or A Hard Day’s Night.

I’m glad I was introduced to Abbey Road yesterday, I’ll be listening to it for a while longer no doubt, but it isn’t an essential album.

(I’m writing this while listening to Sgt Pepper).

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