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Purely out of interest I logged onto a site to test my unconscious bias. To be fair, I think the methodology is junk, it’s based on the speed with which you tap the E or the I key on your keyboard, the idea being that you will tap quicker on those things you prefer – say an image of a white or black face – and slower on those things you don’t. It’s an in-group/out-group thing, I guess. But I did it anyway.

It turns out I’m not racially biased. And I’m not biased in terms of gender.

Which was a bit of a shock. I’m male, working class, and from northern* England. We’re riddled with prejudice. Aren’t we?



* the ‘north’ in England is sort of equivalent to the Deep South in the USA. ┬áDunno what it’d be in Norway or Canada or Iran or elsewhere.

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