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makers and destroyers

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost all my adult life. I’m not a proselytiser, humans are omnivores and they have canine teeth for the specific purpose of tearing meat into bite-size chunks, so I don’t pretend to be some sort of improved specimen due to not eating meat, if anything I recognise meat is good for you. But when I was nineteen or so, I worked in a photographers that was next door to a butcher’s shop, and the offal wagon that arrived every night put me off eating animals. So I don’t.

You can, that’s fine by me, but I don’t.

Someone said the other day that Mother Nature is not kind, she’s not loving, she’ll tear you apart the first chance she gets, and I agree. Today I saw a short film on the front page of a newspaper showing a lion dragging a warthog out of its burrow by the nose, and the obvious intention of the lion was to eat the warthog, probably while it was still alive. The ‘Hog looked extremely frightened but was doing his best to pull away. Because we always have a chance.

Don’t we?

But when a lion is dragging you out of your home and it’s got you by the face, your chance of being anything other than lunch is small. Predators survive by killing others.

This sort of thing is of interest to me right now because as soon as I complete my editing I’ll be redrafting Jago and a big element of the story is violence, the male predilection for violence in particular, and how a society deals with that and focuses it into something more productive and useful.

As Dakota says to Jane:

“Men. Makers and destroyers.”

To which Jane says:

“Women make things too.”

And Dakota replies:

“Women make men.”

I’m still working on the body of the narrative but it’s a love story, a fish-out-of-water story, a revenge story, and it reaches back, and forward, to other stories I’ve yet to write. It’s fully sketched, but it needs colour and detail and connective tissue.


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