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clarion call

A friend of mine plays sax in about six different bands, deputises in more, and owns top-of-the-range instruments from baritone through to soprano. His entire adult life he’s lived on his earnings from playing sax. That’s not for me. Early on, I couldn’t afford an instrument so could only play when I could borrow one, and later I really didn’t enjoy late nights as a lifestyle, I much prefer early mornings, and like I said before, playing alongside guitarists is a sure and inevitable road to deafness.

Plus, I prefer to concentrate on one sax. It used to be tenor, but I moved to alto, mainly cos it’s smaller and easier to lug about. Pretty soon I’m going to go to soprano, for increased portability and cos I love it, but I’m not sure that I might be giving myself an unnecessary hoop to jump through because it’s difficult to play and it doesn’t look or sound like a saxophone.

And being the ‘sax’ player is important when you’re busking. People like it, they really do. Playing what looks like a brass clarinet and sounds like an oboe, not so much.

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