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I went on YT to watch a thing from a guy who does podcasts, and before the podcast came the flash-ad, then came the ad you can turn off after five seconds, then came the podcast, in which the host began talking about his sponsor.

I was a minute in and all I’d seen were ads.

So I switched off the podcast.

Thing is, and I know people will argue otherwise, I don’t buy anything based on an ad. I might buy turmeric, say, because I’ve heard a half dozen people mention it, and I read an article on its benefits, but I wouldn’t buy a similar, unknown Spice X because of an ad. It doesn’t work that way.

I guess an ad campaign could get people talking about a product, and I realise it’s also part of raising and keeping raised the profile of said product, but, enough. I can’t ever recall the details of an ad, even five seconds after it’s finished. I must have glimpsed a million ads, yet the stuff I ever buy is mostly the stuff I’ve always bought.

My mind sees an ad and switches off until it’s over.

I’ve got a mental adblock.

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