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I spent an hour today looking for a movie on Netflix, scanning the thumbnails, checking out the trailer for more than a few. If I’d spent much longer on it, it’d have been a movie-length endeavour. I couldn’t find anything. I’ve said it before but Netflix stuff has an oily-black sheen, a certain corporate glossiness, but I mostly can’t find anything I want to watch.

Youtube is losing me too. Over the years I’ve gone through phases of watching cycling channels, political channels, 2A channels, cartoon and manga channels, tank channels, motorbike channels and many others, and all I can put on at the moment is 24/7 lof-fi chillout. If I could find lo-fi jazz I’d be set…

…I just looked and found a 24/7 lo-fi jazz/chill-hop channel. ┬áSo the evening is looking up. Plus, I’ve got a novel series I’m not quite halfway through. Lucas my sometimes tech person got me onto Jeff Abbot and the Sam Capra books, and yesterday I discovered he’d written a whole series of other novels. I read the first book yesterday and will probably finish this one tonight or in the morning.

I don’t read literature. Haven’t read it for pleasure since I was seventeen. Haven’t read it for study since I did my MA. As a reader, I want junk fiction with a clear narrative, not some literary character study with an ambiguous ending.

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