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One of the issues you have on a website like this is that due to EU laws, you can be fined for using an image without the proper permissions. When I discovered this I went back and deleted every image that didn’t specifically belong to me or was given/sold to me by, for example, someone who did the artwork for a book cover.

It’s a pain. And it leaves lots of blog posts with blank spaces where there used to be an image. If I wanted to discuss a book, for example, I was in the habit of putting the cover of the book in the blog entry. But I didn’t have specific permission for this, so I was opening myself up to fines in the ¬£ooos. It wasn’t like I was stealing images for profit, but I’d still be liable.

Now we’ve left the EU it will be interesting to see if the UK government keeps this rule. I’m guessing they will, in the short-to-medium term at least. Laws are like ratchets, they only go in one direction.

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