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Planning to go up to the Caledonian Canal and cycle from Fort William to Inverness with my pal Wilson. It’ll be a close-thing though, cos firstly I’m not quite fit enough to comfortably cycle 60+ miles cross country and then do the same again the next day.

But also, the lockdown rules are a bit opaque at the moment.¬†And my asthma flare-up hasn’t quite died down. So I’m not sure we’ll do it before Autumn, and while cycling across Scotland in the autumn is a lovely thing to do, it’s touch-and-go as far as the weather is concerned.

My bike’s in the shop at the moment, getting a new set of forks, so it’ll be a lot lighter when I get it back. I was thinking of going from three front cogs to one as I only ever use the big cog anyway, but I’ll leave it for now.

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