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With the enforced stay-at-homeness of the furlough I got round to watching almost the entire MCU movies, which was an exercise in diminishing returns and also begs the question of why is Natalie Portman so rubbish while Scarlett Johansson lights up the screen?

Anyhow, yesterday I turned back to Netflix and began watching the latest in the Jurassic Park series. It’s got dinosaurs, super-dinosaurs, velociraptors and an exploding volcano. It’s even got Chris Pratt.

And I couldn’t finish it*. It was like watching paint dry through a morphine fog. Fair enough, it wasn’t as bad as the more recent MCU movies (Captain Marvel – justĀ why?) but it was not exciting. There was no threat. No danger. No excitement. Zero engagement.

The CGI was good, in that I didn’t notice it, but I spent the last two weeks watching men fly in iron suits and a blonde fella chucking a massive hammer into space, so I’m easy pleased.

But, Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom. I was so bored, I had to go back and check the title, cos I forgot it as I began to write this. Ditto Avengers Endgame. Between them they cost around $600 million to make.

JoJo Rabbit, one of the best films of this century, cost $15 million.


*I can’t even be bothered to think of a title for this post.




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