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man of letters

I have appalling handwriting. Usually I can’t read what I’ve just written down, and for sure no-one else can. So as part-remedy, part-therapy, I practice writing the alphabet on sheets of A4. I use a fountain pen. I concentrate.

I write in clusters of 4 – ABCD – for four lines, then move forward one letter – BCDE – and so on until I get to the end of the alphabet, then I begin again. With practice the letters are legible.┬áStill appalling, but legible.

After ten minutes my hand aches to the point I have to stop. Another thing is, as I sequence the letters, I sometimes get the sequence wrong, so if I’m writing VWXY repeatedly for four lines, I’ll mix them up and put VXYW or some such. I can’t help it. My brain jumps like the needle on a sticky record and the letters come out in the wrong order.

When I’m actually writing, not when I’m practicing, the letters reverse their order, or jump between lower and upper case without my consent.

It looks like tHis. Or htis.

I’m moving onto lower case as soon as I master capital letters.


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