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And whenever I see a group of people who are very secure and smug and think their world will last forever, I think of the Mongols. When they conquered the city of Urgench, a civilised city with libraries, markets, sanitation, laws, international trade and an ancient culture, and with a population of over a million, the mongols set aside the artisans, who they sent back east, and the youngest, prettiest women, who they kept for slaves. They destroyed everything – books, buildings, markets, wagons, everything.

And they murdered everyone who remained.

About a million people.

Each mongol in the army of 50,000 was given the task of killing 24 Urgench.  Which they did. And they did the same at Merv, Baghdad and other cities.

So enjoy life, enjoy everything you have, and be kind within the limit of your means, but never think that your security is the natural order of things.

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