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tat-free zone

I’ve been buying some tat recently. I never intend to buy tat, I don’t consciously seek it out, but it’s what I’ve been getting. I’m currently scoring abut 60% on the tat-purchased scale.

I don’t know if I’m becoming a cheapskate, and that shoddy goods is the result of my mostly choosing the cheaper option, or if it’s because a majority of the stuff I’ve bought over the last year or two originated from a well known communist dictatorship, where quality comes a distant second or third place to price. I suspect it’s a mixture of both.

I’m becoming impatient with the things I buy. My junk-detector is becoming highly tuned. It’s time to ditch the tat and buy quality product, from known quality-suppliers. From here-on my purchasing is going to become a tat-free zone.

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