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Monthly Archives: October 2020


Enjoy yourself as, tonight, the walls between this world and the other come tumbling down.


Don’t usually listen to audiobooks but I was decorating a few days ago and found a good copy of The Blade Itself to listen to. I’m a big fan of Joe Abercrombie, and it’s been long enough that I don’t remember a lot of the story so… 25 hours later I completed it.

It wasn’t a full binge, I spread it over five or six days, but I haven’t read all week and barely watched any YT as a result.

Actually, that might not be such a bad idea…


Shoreline Gold – free download

Shoreline Gold: a story of redemption, fate and escape plans. Free kindle download 1-5 November.

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Hedgehog Day

As the lockdown grinds on I find myself in a Groundhog Day of wake, do stuff, repeat, with no change of scenery, no meeting anyone new, no new horizons… I’m going ever so slightly stir-crazy.

But being English, Groundhog Day doesn’t really compute. So, Squirrel Day? Hedgehog Day?

Whatever it’s called, that’s me snuffling about in the garden, head down, searching for grubs and nuts. Every day the same.


Finding myself unemployed for the moment, I completed the edit of London Rain, then I decided to re-decorate.  Add that to an audiobook of The Blade Itself and I’m quite content with the week.

Books are the punctuation marks of my world.


I was planning on finishing Spenderella last year, as a Christmas short-story-cum-novella featuring my action here Mark Barrett. A present to the lads in the breakfast club, if nothing else. I didn’t finish it in time so I put it away.

This year I didn’t think I’d have time to complete it, but I do.


when does the heart rest?

A series of short stories, folded into the pages of a short story. Free kindle download 28th October – 1st November.

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Computers are so powerful they can just about create new realities.

I quite like this reality.

I wouldn’t give any of this up, not even the bad stuff. It’s all I want.



I took a couple of weeks away from writing to calm things down a little, recalibrate and refit.

After some thought I decided on a do-able writing target every year – 1 big, 1 small – plus other non-writing stuff like exercise & health, meditation and, crucially, my daily routine.

Because routine is everything.

Routine kills doubt.

Routine gets it done.