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Back when I was teaching, I remember chatting to a Yr 11 student who arrived every day, exhausted and bleary-eyed, due to spending six or eight hours every night playing Call Of Duty. He was in the final few months before his exam. I said, if he spent that amount of time doing something positive, whether skateboarding, studying his maths, reading novels, playing tuba, whatever, he’d be at genius level within a year.

‘I’m at genius level on Call of Duty,’ he said.

Which brings me to the amount of hours I spend online every day.  At the end of the week my MacBook gives me an average daily time spent online.

The number is too embarrassing to reveal.

Youtube, my opioid of choice, is addictive, and I’m pretty sure it’s designed to be that way. So, to redress that, I’m actively transitioning purely to podcasts, so that I’m not simply sitting watching some random film on tanks or judo, and wasting hours of my time.

Because, to quote my former pupil, if I spend the hours that I spend watching YT, doing something else, I too will be approaching genius level.

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