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After reading the first paragraph of the latest Jack Reacher novel I realised I was dealing with a different writer – see my post here for initial reaction. It was a bit like getting into a hot bath and finding it tepid. Not bad in itself, just a bit unexpected. Anyhow, I thought I’d give the new Child a go, so I downloaded a series of three books by the author formerly known as Andrew Grant.

It took me thirty-six days to read two and a half novels. Normally I’d devour a novel in two or three days, and I’d have finished the series of three in a week.

But I’ve given up.

It’s not that they’re badly written. He can write. It’s just that I don’t care either way for what I’m reading and have no interest in the outcome. On the plus side, by buying four of his books, I’ve contributed to his bank account, so I feel like I’ve done my bit.

On the downside, goodbye Jack.

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