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it’s not about the money

Sometimes a scene can be about something other than what you think the scene is about. In Drive, there’s a quite famous and gruesome fight scene in an elevator. But the scene isn’t about the fight. It’s about the horrified reaction of Irene, played by Carey Mulligan. I’ve linked it here, but don’t watch it if you have a sensitive stomach.

Sometimes an entire story isn’t about what you think it is. As Tim O’Brien said inĀ The Things They Carried, described as a novel about men and war, ‘It’s not a war story, it’s a love story.’ And I sort of cribbed that in my MA when I described Michael Herr’s Dispatches as a love letter to the US Marines.

Drive is not an action movie, or a story of broken souls looking for love, it’s a love song about Los Angeles at night, played on the car radio in our eyes.



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