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don’t be evil

Lishman likened the Technocratic Elite to the Holy Alliance, determined to reimpose the divine right of kings and restrain unruly freedoms.

I asked him, I wonder if they see the irony? Probably not.¬†They’re smart, hyper-focussed smart, but being super-IT savvy isn’t a signifier of good people-skills – often it correlates in the opposite direction – neither is it indicative of perspective or wisdom. And unlike the cannons of the Holy Alliance the algorithms and software of the self-appointed elite point in both directions, so I don’t expect their drive towards the perfectability of humankind to succeed.

Anyway, when it comes to Utopia, whatever the good intentions, things always turn murderous. Without fail. First the Revolution, then the Terror, then the Dictator. So I don’t want one, not even a short-term one, because what follows is calamitous.

Given the choice between messy, unpredictable humanity or the inflexible, relentless logic of binary code, I know which I’ll choose.


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