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gale force

A few years ago I hosted a jazz show on local radio. It was fun. Two hours a week on a Sunday evening. Eventually though, they moved my schedule to midnight Sunday and I thught, naah, no one is listening from 12-2am, so I packed it in.

I had the chance to do a show again recently and decided against it, but a couple of pals said they really thought I should do it, it’s good fun, the commitment is not onerous, and I get the chance to play music I like, and music that I think is interesting (though to an admittedly tiny audience). Why not, they said?

I’m going to let it marinate.

It’s all planned, I did that much before I baulked, so I could step back into it in a week. I’m just not sure I want the responsibility. Worse, I’d have to go back on social media, which I see as the social equivalent of living in a shack in the middle of nowhere, existing on a diet of sugar and crack cocaine, and screaming incoherently into a howling gale at regular intervals.

So the issue is not so much doing a radio show, it’s making my peace with SM. I think I’ll investigate doing other things instead.

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