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I’ve been reading a book called Bitches Brew, which is a treatise on the album of the same name by Miles Davis. I decided to revisit the album and listen to it.

The music is worth listening to over and over again. I have done* and, eventually, at some time in the future, I might make sense of it. The book, however, made sense straight away. Because I understand the world through words, through writing, specifically.

Even though I play music, and I have a voice when I play, my first language is the written word. When I speak to people, it never comes out as well as when I write it down, and when I listen, it never makes as much sense to me as when it’s written down.


*Amazon tells me I last bought the album in March 2017. Can’t even remember buying it, (how do you lose an album? They’re not small).

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