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I’ve got a very rough draft of Little Blade completed and at the moment I’m re-sequencing the chapters. Essentially it’s a bridging novel the middle book in a trilogy, between the first, Jago and the third, Harm’s Way, and it has to tick certain boxes while also setting up the terms of the final book.

It also has to stand as it’s own story.

The story is constructed of twin narratives based around the character of Jester Scout. The first narrative is set in present-day, and describes his recovery from an almost fatal attack, and his struggle to decide whether to stay in this comfortable world or go back to his home and be with his people. The second narrative tells of his childhood as a foundling and how he grows to be the person he is now. There’s also an ongoing discussion, in both parts of the story, of Jester’s personal darkness, which developed as a result of his trauma. Jester is not a good guy, and he’s not bad, he’s dangerous but loyal, and there’s an ongoing debate about which aspect of him dominates, the dark or the light.

The two narratives meet at a certain point, I’ve pretty much got the end written, and it’s probably going to be a coda to the novel itself. I dunno. Maybe. I have a few chapters I might discard too, and other chapters that need further development.

It’s fun, sequencing the major points of a story, spotting holes, spotting plot points that can be discarded. When it’s done, the editing will proceed. Then repeat until finished, or at least until it’s ready to be abandoned.

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