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blinded by the light

The thing about having chronic migraines is that in order to function I must take daily medication, which makes me drowsy and takes away a lot of my energy and focus. Even then I get daily migraines; they’re just not as bad. Despite their effect, I hate the medication almost as bad as the migraines.

I’ve had a bad migraine for the entire week, which is a bummer and is also unusual, cos the medication usually blunts and reduces them. The migraines make me fuzzy-headed, give me mood-swings, muscle aches, my digestion switches off, I get visual disturbances, and nightmares. I even get visual disturbances in my nightmares (one of the clues that I’m having a migraine when I’m asleep is that I’ll dream in black and white, or I’ll go blind in my dream).

The headache is the least of it.

But having a bad migraine¬†and being coshed by medication that isn’t working, well that’s just taking the piss.




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